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Birds for Bird Week

I created this exhibition in 2015 to coincide with National Bird Week, an event run by BirdLife Australia to inspire Australians to get involved in bird conservation efforts.


The exhibition comprised of two bodies of work:


Feathered Heads - A Celebration of Australian Birds

Feathered Heads aims to get up close and personal with Australian native birds. The result is a striking collection of unconventional portraits that show the beauty and personality of each bird.


The featured birds have been rescued, are an ambassador for their species or have a vulnerable or endangered conservation status.


Bonny Grows Her Feathers and Learns to Fly

This series documents the development of a rescued rainbow lorikeet named Bonny who I raised from 10 days old until her release at 10 weeks.


It’s now published as a book for primary-school children. 10% of of book sales during this exhibition were donated to Birdlife Australia.

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