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How cute is this fluffy chops!

Would certainly brighten you day if she was on your wall!


This wild Kookaburra who likes to hang out in Angela's garden searching for lizards!

Taken early in the morning with the soft sunrise hues behind.


Kookaburras are the largest of the Kingfisher family.

They mate for life and take so long to rear their young that they rarely have more than one clutch each season.

They nest in hollows found in trees and termite mounds.

Incubation and feeding of the chicks is carried out by all members of the family group.

Once the young reach independence, most stay to help parents defend the territory boundaries and rear further clutches.


Laughing Kookaburra


A3: Approx 40 x 30cm, limited edition of 100.

A4: Approx 28 x 20cm, Open Edition.

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