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The idea behind Feathered Heads is to get up-close and personal with Australian native birds and show the beauty and personality of each bird.


For the last three years I have been meeting and photographing birds that have either been rescued, are an ambassador for their species or endangered.


I do not have a studio and do not use flash.  I rely on natural available light and have spent many hours in aviaries to get the shot that I like.  I use a macro lens, which means that I have get quite close to the bird, I also use a very shallow depth of field that can be problematic, as the focus has to be spot on.  This can be difficult to achieve, as birds do not stay still so requires a lot of patience!


This exhibition was first exhibited last year as part of BirdLife Australia's National Bird Week.

This year more birds have been added to the collection.


Please visit the Zoo website to find out more

Santos Conservation Centre, Adelaide Zoo

4th September - 11th October 2016


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