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"I really want to express my appreciation for all that you have done.

Will not hesitate in recommending anyone to your beautiful work and your store".

Kind regards

Ryan & Allison

(A3  "Sky Giant")

"Hi Angela, I just wanted to say thank-you for those incredible artworks. I bought one and was gifted the other and now they are framed, hang proudly on my bedroom wall, where I can wake to their beauty every morning".



(A2 Rose-crowned Fruit Dove and Frankie, Galah)

"Angela, i love the way the individuality of your subjects shines through".


(A2 "Kiwi" Eclectus)

"I have a 6 year old son who was given ‘Bonny’ for his birthday. To say he loves it is an understatement.

The photos of Bonny are beautiful and the story line - a rescued bird who is cared for and grows up before being released back to her flock is gorgeous. When we read it together, not only is he learning about a species of bird but he is seeing kindness for other species. Parents often complain that many children’s books are tedious to read in their attempts to be imaginative and magical. But there is more magic in reality - a true story and sharp, colourful photos.

It is definitely a book that parents will love to read and re-read and re-read to their child. Could not recommend it more highly".


Leila Jeffreys, "Bonny Grows her Feathers" kids book

"It was great working with you on the installation of the project, I really appreciate the effort you took in finding materials that met the needs of the pub as well as the artwork.
The sheeting used for the artwork on the windows was the perfect choice of material, it still lets in enough light and there is no concern with them covering the bathroom windows. Also, the way you used your photo’s on the doors, that ended up working really well in this space, while still allowing access to the gas meter and water pump was very clever.
You were so easy to work with on the day
Pop in when you are next in the area
Chris, Dove & Olive Hotel public art installation 

Angela's work starts a fundamental conversation surrounding our local species, telling their personal stories and highlighting the need to protect them and our environment. Her passion for conservation extends beyond being an award winning photographer, with an astounding dedication to her work as a wildlife carer.

Knowing Angela personally, she is a truly empathetic human, focused in her mission to educate, care for and protect our native wildlife.

Camila De Gregorio, Eggpicnic



"I had the privilege of meeting and working with Angela when I was in Sydney last year.
Angela has an incredible passion for nature and animals and we talked extensively about this during our meeting. Her photography is simply quite exquisite. From spider webs and praying mantis to incredibly time consuming, waiting in the bushes kind of imagery to capture birds and other creatures.
She is not frightened to get up close and personal with all living things and they too appear not to mind her doing so.

I loved designing Angela’s folio and being consumed by her world of nature. I felt that is would have a great impact on the advertising industry and designers because it is such a specialty area.
If anyone is looking to commission a shoot like this, I can tell you now, the standard excellent commercial photographer will most likely not have the fine skill sets that Angela has, nor the time and patience she shows time and time again. It could just be the kind of imagery someone needs for a campaign.



Angela is a delight to deal with, very calm and passionate.
Her award winning images need to be seen to be truly believed and embraced".


Sally Brownbill, The Brownbill Effect



"I just wanted to thank you for sending those lovely prints through.  They are absolutely magnificent. You certainly do top end work!!

I will have these framed for display in Zoo buildings.
Also, next time you are in South Australia, please let me know as you’d be more than welcome to be a guest at either Adelaide or our Monarto site". 


Thanks again!!
Ed, Orange-bellied Parrot photo-shoot, Adelaide Zoo



"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff at Wildlife for the wonderful macro photography course I was fortunate to experience last week.
My nerves and any thought of intimidation quickly disappeared when Angela introduced herself. Angela's warm and friendly manner, made it a wonderful morning with her passion for photography very exciting! I wasn't sure on macro photography, however, having won an experience to develop any photography skills I jumped at the chance. Angela introduced me to a world of detail, colour and texture that can only be found through a macro lens.

I feel very fortunate and appreciative for the experience.
I would recommend this experience to anyone that is interested in photography, as the skills and tips can be applied to all subjects. However, to get up close and personal with wildlife is something one should encounter. I will definitely be giving my daughter the opportunity to learn some photography skills though Wildlife".
Thank you once again.
Domenique, macro photography class student



"Thank you for the wonderful photography course on Saturday. It was lovely to meet you. I had a ball and know it will be a big hit for you.
Also thanks for letting me use your camera and sending the photos through so quickly".

Kind regards,
Emma, PhotographycClass student



"The Wild Life Photography Class was an incredibly fun, insightful experience and one that I would highly recommend to any enthusiastic macro photographer. Angela was a wonderful teacher, she was attentive towards the whole class and made sure to dedicate time towards chatting with us individually. Her manner was approachable and affable and I had a fantastic time learning from her".

Josie, Photography class student



"I had a very specific concept in mind so was a little nervous to hand its execution over to someone else! Angela listened carefully to my brief and took a range of photos for me to choose from. Each one captured the essence of what I was trying to achieve and in the end I selected a fabulous photo that I’m extremely happy with. Angela nailed the brief and I can’t fault the overall process!

I would absolutely select Angela again for any creative project".  
Keyna, commission

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