Bird Week

An Exhibition for BirdLife Australia

Each year I create an exhibition in conjunction with National Bird Week, an event by Birdlife Australia to inspire Australians to become involved in bird conservation.


20% of sales are donated to BirdLife Australia.

Initially I held solo exhibitions, but since 2016 I started to curate group exhibitions, collaborating with different artists whose styles compliment mine and each others.

If you are a bird artist, we would love to hear from you as we are always keen to work with like minded artists.

We are now taking expressions of interest for 2021 for our mixed wall.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, we have had to postpone our mixed wall for 2020.

Artist Enquiry

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The Corner Gallery, Stanmore (Sydney)

A collaboration with Fiona Roderick and Eggpicnic

This exhibition celebrates our urban birdlife.


With more than 80% of Australia’s population living in cities, it might not feel like there’s much room for nature. But a stroll through any Australian city proves there’s no need to go bush to get in touch with wildlife.  


However, with rapid urbanisation, they face a great challenge.  Many Australian bird species are declining in urban areas and declining overall.


It's more important than ever to research, protect and provide education on the urban birds that surround us. Now more than ever, on behalf of the living world, we need to feel like we belong here, on the planet. That this is our home, but it is not ours alone.

20% of exhibition sales donated to BirdLife Australia.

We raised a total of $2880.

Collaborative Print



The Corner Gallery, Stanmore (Sydney)


A collaboration with Fiona Roderick and Eggpicnic


Australia is home to 56 species of parrot.  

Only 5 of these are found elsewhere in the world. 

There are 300 species of parrot worldwide.


This exhibition celebrates all things parrots. 

Each art piece has a conservation story and a fact about the bird featured.  


We hope after viewing you will have a better understanding and respect for these unique birds and the next time you see a particular species you will marvel at their intelligence and playfulness.

20% of exhibition sales were donated to BirdLife Australia.  We raised $2525.10


Little Birds

 The Corner Gallery, Stanmore (Sydney)


A collaboration with Fiona Roderick and Eggpicnic

What are your first thoughts when you think of Australian birds?

The crazy Cockatoos screeching and soaring through the sky? Magpies with their tuneful song?

Or Kookaburras with their iconic cackle of ‘laughter’?


What about the little birds?

Often hiding out in dense woodland, camouflaged amongst the flowers, flitting though garden hedges, hiding from the “bossy” birds.

Little Birds celebrates the little birds of Australia. Some are in decline, some are losing vital habitat.

20% of exhibition sales were donated to BirdLife Australia.  We raised $2333.40.


Light as a Feather

The Tribe, Darlinghurst (Sydney)

Collaboration with Eggpicnic


Feathered Friends

Platform 72 Gallery, St Leonards (Sydney)

Collaboration with Eggpicnic & Lamice Ali



Feathered Heads


Adelaide Zoo (South Australia)

Solo exhibition



Feathered Heads


X88 Gallery, Chippendale (Sydney)

Solo exhibition