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Angela is a professional photographer who specialises in flora, fauna and macrophotography.


After gaining her degree in art, design and media at Portsmouth University in the UK, Angela worked as a cruise ship photographer. This fast-paced work honed her skills in travel, portrait, social and wildlife photography.


After life at sea Angela moved to London where she worked at a respected studio that hired its services to the top magazines and photographers.


This was a time when film was still used for magazine shoots. Angela worked in the darkroom as a colour hand printer.  The studio produced beautiful, hand-printed fashion images for magazines like Vogue.

In 2002 Angela moved to Sydney, Australia and fell in love with the nature here, especially the parrots!

Here she trained as a wildlife rescuer and carer and now specialise in bird rehabilitation with WIRES Inner West.


Angela now combine her interests in wildlife and photography by creating projects and exhibitions where she can convey a conservation message. As well as supporting  wildlife organisations by donating prints or a percentage of sales.


Angela's photographic techniques align with her respect for nature. She relies on natural light rather than flash and has spent many hours in aviaries allowing birds to get used to her.

"I use a macro lens, which requires me to get quite close to the bird. I also use a very shallow depth of field. So the focus has to be spot on. This technique requires a lot of patience, as birds don’t stay still. But the results are worth it".


Angela's work has won numerous awards, is a Nikon School lecturer, teaches at the Australian Museum and is frequently invited to camera clubs to present talks.


At home, Angela shares her space with two cockatoos, two galahs, princess & regent parrot, all of whom are rescues/rehomed pets.

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