This New Holland Honeyeater was in wildlife care for 2 months, severe concussion and suspected corracoid injury.


The last phase of his rehab was having a huge & high sunroom to practice flying.

His favourite trick was landing on top of the roller blinds out of reach.

You can imagine how difficult it was to catch him for release!

But we did and he's back in the wild again, flying free.


Available Sizes:

A2: approx 60cm x 42cm, limited edition of 50.

A3: Approx 30 x 42cm, limited edition of 100.

A4: Approx 28 x 20cm, Open Edition.

Hard to catch - Featuring New Holland Honeyeater

  • The paper we use is environmentally friendly archival silk photographic paper which is reisistant to moisture and yellowing.