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This Scarlet Honeyeater flew into a balcony window. Although his fractured wing healed, it was not good enough for release back into the wild. He now resides at Featherdale Wildlife Park.


In 2018 NSW suffered a severe drought which saw a shift in areas for honeyeaters who came into suburban and city areas in search of flowering nectar. An inability of navigating high rise apartment blocks resulted in his collision.


This Image was part of BirdLife Australia's Little Birds exhibition.


Available Sizes:


A1: Approx 60cm x 85cm, limited edition of 25

A2: Approx 60cm x 42cm, limited edition of 50 

A3: Approx 30 x 42cm, limited edition of 100

A4: Approx 28 x 20cm, Open Edition 

Scarlet Honeyeater (Male)


Silk paper:

The photrographic paper we use is environmentally friendly archival silk photographic paper which is reisistant to moisture and yellowing.


This 100% virgin fibre media is sourced from sustainable forests and has received the Nordic Swan Award; the most demanding ecological mark in international paper. The manufacturing mill maintains ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, recycles water, uses waste products as an energy source with waste and effluent treatment systems in place. There are no detectable dioxin discharges in the manufacture of this product.



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