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I am available to give presentations about my photography.


Presentations normally last an hour and I support them with PowerPoint slides.


I can tailor my talk to the interests of your group.


The subject can include macrophotography, continuous lighting techniques, wildlife rescue, my exhibitions and processes, photography books or animal and bird portraiture.


I can even bring my pet cockatoo for a practical session.


Here’s what people say about my talks:


We all love photography and in Angela’s talks and presentation we heard her interesting “Life Story” with regard to where she once lived, where she now lives, together with what she did during those years.
Her enthusiasm depicted a person who loves what she does and the pleasure she receives from her work, both with Photography and with Wires.
It appears that writing a book around her photographs was a new venture for her.  The wonder and learning of both children and adults reading these books is inevitable.
The natural mannerisms she showed when discussing these stories with her audience seemed exciting and her personality truly came across.
I wish her well.
Thank you Angela and Good Luck in your future with all your activities.
Gloria Brown



From the moment Angela Robertson-Buchanan stepped into the room full of eager photographers it was clear that she was passionate about her photography, her feathered friends and WIRES.  From that moment on she totally consumed us with her enthusiasm, love and devotion.  She shared her journey over the past years, her present projects and what she hopes to achieve in the future.  Angela bends the rules of photography explaining that by doing this she managed to achieve the desired effect … it worked beautifully.


Bev Woodman

Belmont 16s Photography Club




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