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Bespoke pet photography service.

Not just birds!

Experienced in dogs, cats, rabbits & reptiles.

Angela only does a limited number of sessions per year. 

Please get in touch to find out more.




"Despite photographing two entirely different personalities at the same time, Angela took some beautiful shots and the shoot was such a lot of fun that I felt sad when it ended. Angela was unflappable (!!) with my newly fostered budgie who wasn't as confident to start with as my rambunctious 'tiel (who is convinced everything is about him).

Angela's setup is so straight forward that she was able to get the job done easily in my tiny apartment with two excited birds whizzing around. It's obvious that Angela has combined two extraordinary talents, her calm and thoughtful approach with our feathered friends and her dedication to developing this incredibly effective macro technique to capture every detail.

My bird family are a great source of comfort and joy in my life and I now have a lasting celebration of that to cherish".


"I can't believe how beautiful Angela's photos of my two rescue galahs, Annabelle and Teddy, are.

Angela did an amazing job and bonded immediately with my guys especially Teddy who kept wanting to kiss her! I often see nice parrot photography but why would i want someone else's parrot on my wall? Especially when I have my own really beautiful guys.

Angela does an amazing job rescuing and rehabilitating so many parrots, which is very expensive with vet bills and medicine.

Angela is a special person and her photography is stunning".

Louise Lyel


"we've now discovered she loves to have her photo taken as well after a very relaxed photo shoot with Angela.

As Angela is so experienced with handing birds Chloe was immediately comfortable posing for her photos and quite playful during the shoot which made the photos depict exactly what she's like.

The whole process was completed with the minimum of stress on Chloe and she loved the attention.

I highly recommend Angela, her skills and manner are wonderful".

Suzy Yates - Radio Broadcaster Sydney.

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