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Bonny Grows her Feathers and Learns to Fly


Bonny is a Rainbow Lorikeet who fell from her nest as a hatchling. I cared for her until she was strong enough to be released into the wild.


This 40-page hardback book tells Bonny’s story. It’s aimed at primary-school children and published by Wild Dog Books.


Available to order through all good bookstores, but if ordered through my website I will sign & write a personal message. 


"My 6-year-old son loves everything about nature and he absolutely adores this book. He loved learning about Bonny's growth, and he was captivated about her journey to become well enough to be with her ‘friends’. His favorite is the photo near the end of the book with the group of the lorikeets on the fence. All of the images here are just breathtaking".
Randolph & Lindal

"Thank you Angela for your amazing book we LOVE it the pictures are amazing (we've had to read it 4 times this morning!)"

Sarah & Chris

"I have a 6 year old son who was given ‘Bonny’ for his birthday. To say he loves it is an understatement.

The photos of Bonny are beautiful and the story line - a rescued bird who is cared for and grows up before being released back to her flock is gorgeous. When we read it together, not only is he learning about a species of bird but he is seeing kindness for other species.

Parents often complain that many children’s books are tedious to read in their attempts to be imaginative and magical. But there is more magic in reality - a true story and sharp, colourful photos.

It is definitely a book that parents will love to read and re-read and re-read to their child. Could not recommend it more highly".

Leila Jeffreys

"I have a 4 year old daughter who was given ‘Bonny Grows Her Feathers” for Christmas last year. She was so excited to receive a book that was named after her frend but also one that was about a baby [bird] as she too got a baby brother that same year. She absolutely loves the book. The photographs of Bonny are breathtaking  A real eye opener into the world of animals especially those rescued. Lilliana loves the story about Bonny bird. She reads her version to her brother Anthony and remind him that as he has grown so too does Bonny to grow her feathers. A book that inspires little ones to learn and be appreciative of those little things in life. Such a beautiful story."


The Khmer language version was launched at the Cambodian Book Fair in 2016.

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