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Angela partners with Australian Wildlife Displays to create an animal portrait/macro photography workshop like no other in Sydney.


These workshops bring you closer than ever to Australian native fauna. And you’ll learn more about the animals you are photographing.


Angela will teach you how to take stunning close-up wildlife portraits.  


Your subjects will be a cockatoo, tawny frogmouth, lizards, snakes, crocodile, possum, kookaburra, frogs, plus other surprise animal appearances!


Angela also talk bout her techniques in the field, discussing the importance of maintaining high ethical standards when you are working with wildlife.  She will explain why you shouldn't use flash on wildlife. As an alternative you will use continuous lighting and daylight studio set-ups.


You are guaranteed to walk away with some stunning shots, a deeper understanding of Australian wildlife and some techniques you can use in the field.


These unique workshops only happen twice a year and are limited to 15 student per class.


Animal Photography Class, Saturday 27th April 2024


Fitzroy Hall

Woodstock House

22 Church St, Burwood



Parking available Onsite.

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