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How funny are these baby Galahs?


These nestling galahs were rescued from a palm tree when it blew down in the wind.
Palm trees have become a popular alternative for nesting sites due to a lack of old tree with hollows. unfortunately if too many hollows are excavated, the trunk becomes unstable.


Due to a fractured leg, one Galah (Sid, far right) was not able to be reunited with his family, but his two other siblings were successfully relocated to a nest box in the tree next to the felled one.  They have sinced fledged.

Sid was hand-raised by Angela and then went to a wildlife aviary to be with other fledgling orphaned Galahs.  They have since been released back into the wild.


This image was part of BirdLife Australia's Bird Week exhibition.  

A2 and A1 size have less editions than usual (see available sizes for more information).


Print Care


This print has been professionally printed with pigment archival inks on smooth silk photo paper.
This paper has high archival qualities, is resistant to yellowing & moisture.

To preserve your photograph we recommend that you frame behind glass so the print does not touch the glass.

Baby Galahs


A1: Approx 60 x 85cm, limited edition of 20.

A2: Approx 60 x 40cm, limited edition of 50.

A3: Approx 40 x 30cm, limited edition of 100.

A4: Approx 28 x 20cm, Open Edition.


Framing is not included in price, but custom framing available, please request a quote.

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