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During Spring, if wild windy weather hits, some Tawny Frogmouth fledglings end up on the ground, due to the flimsy nests their parents build.



We always try and locate the parents and engage an arborist to climb high in the tree to reunite the chicks.

Unfortunately for these two, the parents were no-where to be seen.  So they will stay in care until they can fly, hunt flying insects and be self sufficient sub-adult Tawnys!


Ethical photography notes: Angela doesn't use flash in her bird portraiture, instead she uses continuous lighting daylight globes and natural available light. This is especially important for nocturnal birds with sensitive eyes.


Interesting fact:

With their owl-like appearance, Frogmouths are often confused with owls, but are actually more closely related to the nightjars. They are nocturnal.


Available Sizes

20x20cm, open edition (Small Square)

28x28cm, Edition of 100 (A3 Square)

42x42cm, Edition of 50 (A2 Square)


Each print is signed with edition number & embossed, includes a certificate of authenticity.


Framing pictured for illustrative purposes only.

Brother & Sister Tawny Frogmouth Nestlings


20x20cm, open edition (Small Square)

28x28cm, Edition of 100 (A3 Square)

42x42cm, Edition of 50 (A2 Square)

Above sizes printed on Chromajet photo silk paper:Photo Silk 285 is a super white smooth paper and has the look and feel of a traditional silver halide photo paper because of its true photographic resin coated substrate base. The paper is specifically designed for high quality professional photographic output. Has an increased colour gamut, deeper black density and improved scuff resistance. The paper is more resistant to fading and yellowing.


Framing is not included in price, but custom framing available, please request a quote.

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