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2 books in one!

32 page hardback book. Published by Wild Dog Books.

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Teddy the wombat and Frankie the galah are native Australian animals. They were found injured and without anyone to look after them. Both were lucky enough to be rescued and taken to wildlife carers to help nurse them back to health.

Carers play an important role in looking after native wildlife. Professional and volunteer carers take care of sick, injured or orphaned animals, raising them back to health and maturity before releasing them into the wild. Watch from behind-the-scenes as Teddy and Frankie are given a second chance at life in the fascinating world of wildlife carers!


Writing style

Teddy the Wombat & Frankie the Galah has been designed with the needs of very early readers and reluctant readers in mind. Simple and succinct language is used throughout the book, and the large font size helps to engage reluctant readers. Much of the minimal text is placed on block colour backgrounds, which further helps to draw reluctant readers in.


Photographic style

Teddy & Frankie makes use of a wonderful series of images that capture the day-to-day growth and recovery of these two vulnerable animals. The photos from this rarely seen viewpoint have been artfully created and composed by the author, a professional photographer who works also as a wildlife carer.

Dynamic, full-page colour images are contrasted with block colour backgrounds that will captivate the reader’s attention. The photographs bring the viewer close to the subject that is being discussed, and also have the advantage of being static, giving the reader the opportunity to explore the image and look at the subject matter and its features in detail.

The photographs are also strongly composed and clearly printed with bright strong colours to increase the appeal to visual readers. Readers can explore how photographs are used to convey messages.


$1 from each book sale is donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation  where your donation helps provide books and literacy programs to remote communities where they are needed most.


Teddy the Wombat/Frankie the Galah

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