Immature Male Superb Fairy Wren moulting into breeding plumage.

Male Fairy-wrens moult into their breeding plumage (blue tail, head, body) each breeding season.  

Immature males will moult into breeding plumage the first breeding season after hatching, but it will be incomplete and take 2/3 years to perfect.


The tail feathers are an important feature of a Fairy-Wren as they are usually held upright and assist with balance when they hop and bounce!

Tail feathers are what steers a bird in flight.


This bird was photographed during a bird banding study in Mount Annan Botanical Gardens.


To preserve your photograph we recommend that you frame behind glass/Acrylic, so the print does not touch the glass.


Available Sizes:

A3 (Square): Approx 30 x 30cm, limited edition of 50.

A4 (Square): Approx 20 x 20cm, Open Edition.

Fairy Wren from Behind