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A European Herring Gull couple!
Angela photographed these when she was visiting her parents in the UK.

These gulls have an impressive wingspan of 130-150cm!
According to the RSPB (Royal Society Protection of Birds) there has been an increase in these gulls living in towns and cities as a result of damage being done to our oceans. Apparently numbers have halved at UK coastal sites since 1969. 
They are now at their lowest on record, so have been added to the “Birds of conservation concern Red list”.
However there are plans in some UK towns to trial a cull, due to their scavenging behaviours. 

Take away message:

Wouldn’t it be great if we could restore habitats, rather than removing ‘problem’ birds. 
Worldwide our wildlife is being squeezed into smaller spaces and trying to adapt. We need to learn to live alongside them.


Available Sizes

20x20cm, open edition (Small Square)

28x28cm, Edition of 100 (A3 Square)


Each print is signed with edition number & embossed, includes a certificate of authenticity.

Herring Gull Couple


20x20cm, open edition (Small Square)

28x28cm, Edition of 100 (A3 Square)

Above sizes printed on Chromajet photo silk paper:

Photo Silk 285 is a super white smooth paper and has the look and feel of a traditional silver halide photo paper because of its true photographic resin coated substrate base.  The paper is specifically designed for high quality professional photographic output. Has an increased colour gamut, deeper black density and improved scuff resistance. The paper is more resistant to fading and yellowing.

Framing is not included in price, but custom framing available, please request a quote.

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