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As a wildlife carer it is distressing to see Sydney’s old native trees make way for development. 


A Fellow wildlife bird carer was called to a local vet to collect an egg and two day-old kookaburras rescued from a tree hollow that had been cut down.


The egg hatched on the way home and over the next month the nestlings were hand raised and eventually reunited with their family group.


This illustration follows their growth development.

Kookaburra Illustration - Matted Print


A4: Image size is 21cm x 8.5cm in a matt, total size is 29.5 x 21cm

A3: Image Size is 30cm x 12 cm in a matt, total size is 29.5cm x 42cm 

Both sizes limited edition of 40, signed with edition number.

Designed to fit a standard A3 or A4 frame.


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