Who doesn’t love Kookaburras? 
This cute fluffy chops is one of Angela's regulars who visits with his/her offspring every winter.


Kookaburras live in close family groups. Not only do they mate for life, they keep their off-spring around for up to 3 years to help with future chick raising. I think us humans could learn a lot from them!!!


The distinctive “laugh” of a Kookaburra is actually to warn off other Kookaburra from their territory.


Photography/Technical Notes: 
Taken as sun was setting. 

Exposed for Kooka to make background lighter!

He/she was sitting on Angela's  washing line! 
The golden sunset light really brought out eyes and feather textures.

Sunset was behind Angela.


Print Care


This print has been professionally printed with pigment archival inks on smooth silk photo paper.
This paper has high archival qualities, is resistant to yellowing & moisture.

To preserve your photograph we recommend that you frame behind glass so the print does not touch the glass.

Kookaburra Portrait