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Did you know Magpies partner up for life, if only some humans could be just as faithful!


Magpie's can hold the same territory for up to 20 years.

They remember faces and sing one of the most complicated bird songs in the world.

Magpies can hear the sound of grubs and worms under the ground. Just too clever!


It is believed that a Magpie is a good judge of character and will befriend you if you are deemed a nice person!

Angela must be nice as this pair have been visiting her for the last 8 years, they like to hang out, warble and even ask for a shower on a hot day.


Hurrah for Magpies, they are just too cool!

Photography notes: Photographed in the wild, no flash was used.


Did you know Magpies around Australia have different back markings?

On the east coast, Mrs Magpie is on the left and you can tell the difference bewteen male and female by the male having a white neck and the female more grey.  Mrs Magpie also has more white on her wings. 

On the West Coast and Victoria, Male magpies will have a white back and the females a black and white pattened back.


Available Sizes

20x20cm, open edition (Small Square)

28x28cm, Edition of 100 (A3 Square)

42x42cm, Edition of 50 (A2 Square)

65x65cm, Edition of 25 (XL Square)

Mr and Mrs Magpie


20x20cm, open edition (Small Square)

28x28cm, Edition of 100 (A3 Square)

42x42cm, Edition of 50 (A2 Square)

Above sizes printed on Chromajet photo silk paper:

Photo Silk 285 is a super white smooth paper and has the look and feel of a traditional silver halide photo paper because of its true photographic resin coated substrate base.  The paper is specifically designed for high quality professional photographic output. Has an increased colour gamut, deeper black density and improved scuff resistance. The paper is more resistant to fading and yellowing.

65x65cm, Edition of 25 (XL Square)

The paper used to print XL square is 320gsm Hahnemuhle photo rag pearl paper.

After many test prints, we found this paper to provide the most dramitic results with the shadows and blacks.

Framing is not included in price, but custom framing available, please request a quote.

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