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For the past two years Angela has been assisting bird banders in Mount Annan botanical gardens (Sydney), where a 30-year-old project has been taking place to monitor the changes in habitat woodland birds are facing due to land clearing and habitat modification.


This juvenile Swift parrot was the first time a swift parrot had been banded.

Extra special as Swift parrots are critically endangered with only approximately 2000 mature adults left in the wild.

In 2014, researchers from the Australian National University modelled that the species may face extinction by 2031 due to predation and loss of habitat.


To find a Swift Parrot as far north as Mount Annan is very unusual as they breed in Tasmania and migrate to south eastern Australia. It is believed Drought may be the cause of these birds searching further afield for food (they feed on flower nectar).


To help conserve the Swift Parrot and in response to the bushfire emergency , We will be donating 25% of sales to the Endowment of the Difficult Bird Research Group, who are part of the Australian National University and BirdLife Australia.


It is believed that the south coast forest fires have wiped out important swift habitat and that this important area will be unavailable for the birds that migrate back there this coming winter.


Difficult Birds:

The purpose of the Endowment is to support conservation research conducted by the Difficult Birds Research Group (DBRG) into endangered and future-endangered Australian birds, with specific focus on rare and highly mobile species that are difficult to study.


The research will focus on: (i) the collection of critical population and breeding data across multiple spatial scales to update and improve the conservation status of DBRG study species, (ii) the protection, restoration and enhancement of habitats critical to DBRG study species, and (iii) direct, intensive and immediate recovery actions to prevent the extinction of DBRG study species.


Endowment Info:

Swift Parrot Reasearch:


Available Sizes:


A1: approx 60cm x 85cm, limited edition of 25

A2: approx 60cm x 42cm, limited edition of 50 

A3: Approx 30 x 42cm, limited edition of 100

A4: Approx 28 x 20cm, Open Edition 

Swift Parrot


Silk paper:

The photrographic paper we use is environmentally friendly archival silk photographic paper which is reisistant to moisture and yellowing.


This 100% virgin fibre media is sourced from sustainable forests and has received the Nordic Swan Award; the most demanding ecological mark in international paper. The manufacturing mill maintains ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, recycles water, uses waste products as an energy source with waste and effluent treatment systems in place. There are no detectable dioxin discharges in the manufacture of this product.



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