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This image shows 3 cockatoo species that all rely on tree hollows for nesting.

Due to the size of these birds, they need medium size hollows which take 200 years to form.


Most species of eucalypts and other long-lived trees produce hollows.

Other native trees and shrub species, such as brush box and Antarctic beech also can produce hollows used by wildlife.


Many introduced trees such as willows, pines and conifers do not produce suitable hollows used by native wildlife.


Hollow formation is dependent on a tree’s history, its species and location.

As trees age over time, they are subject to various natural forces such as wind, heat, fire, lightning, rain and attack from insects such as termites and beetles, fungi, bacteria and so on.  Whilst the external, living part of the tree may remain healthy, injuries to the protective inner bark may allow the entry of fungi (which can cause wood decay) and chewing insects such as termites. Termites usually enter trees at points where fungal wood decay has already started.

Fire can contribute to the initial cause of injuries and the creation of hollows in trees. An intense fire or an area that has been subject to repeated burns can lead to a shortage of hollows for wildlife but can also assist in the process of hollow formation.

Wildlife will also renovate the hollow using beaks, teeth or claws. Eucalypts usually shed their lower branches as they grow (self-prune) exposing the point of branch attachment.

These openings may eventually develop into hollows.


Young trees do not generally contain the valuable hollows for wildlife as they are healthy and resilient to the numerous factors contributing to hollow formation.


Only old trees have hollows. As they fall and die or are logged or cleared, they can-not be replaced without 100 or more years of growth, maturity and decay.  


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Tree Hollows


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