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Teddy the Wombat & Frankie the Galah 

Teddy the wombat and Frankie the Galah are native Australian animals. They were found injured, but both were lucky enough to be rescued and taken to wildlife carers to help nurse them back to health. 


This 32-page hardback book is two books in one. It’s aimed at primary-school children and published by Wild Dog Books.


Available to order through all good bookstores, but if ordered through my website I will sign & write a personal message. 



"I loved the story about the baby wombat. He is really cute. It was a bit sad that he lost his Mummy but it so was nice of the wildlife people to rescue him and look after him until he was old enough to go back to his home. I didn't know a baby wombat was called a joey just like a baby kangaroo!.


Hollie Watson age 4. 

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