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BC the Cockatiel & Magic the Budgie

BC & Magic are both rescues birds and are totally loved to bits by owner DI. BC was adopted first, he was an escaped pet and the person who found him actually thought he was a baby Cockatoo, so the name BC stuck! Di made my job very easy, preparing a gourmet platter for them to munch into. They did not seem phased by me, so each time they popped their head up to look at me or landed on a perch after a fly around, I snapped away! Using my specially developed continuous lighting meant no flashes made them jump, very relaxed little parrots who certainly weren't camera shy.


"Despite photographing two entirely different personalities at the same time, Angela took some beautiful shots and the shoot was such a lot of fun that I felt sad when it ended. Angela was unflappable (!!) with my newly fostered budgie who wasn't as confident to start with as my rambunctious 'tiel (who is convinced everything is about him). Angela's setup is so straight forward that she was able to get the job done easily in my tiny apartment with two excited birds whizzing around. It's obvious that Angela has combined two extraordinary talents, her calm and thoughtful approach with our feathered friends and her dedication to developing this incredibly effective macro technique to capture every detail. My bird family are a great source of comfort and joy in my life and I now have a lasting celebration of that to cherish".


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