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Meet Galah's Teddy & Annabelle

Teddy & Annabelle are special Galahs. Annabelle was an escaped pet, found in really bad condition and very nervous of people, the owners were unable to be located, so Louise decided to give her a loving home. Teddy is from Western Australia and had hardly any feathers, was scrawny and in very poor health. When he was rehabilitated he was put up for adoption by the Parrot Rescue Centre & immediately adopted and freighted over by Louise.

Teddy & Annabelle have really bonded. Annabelle is more suspicious and very cool & collective, you have to work hard for her to trust you. Teddy is still young & cheeky and got so close to the lens, I couldn't focus on him even with a macro lens! Total camera hog!

I really feel their personalities came out in the shoot, both producing very different portraits. The gallery is just a small selection, 20 images of each bird were shortlisted and it was hard to choose as they are so photogenic.

P.S I think I'm in love with these guys (Shh, don't tell my Galahs!)


I can't believe how beautiful Angela's photos of my two rescue Galahs, Annabelle and Teddy, are. Angela did an amazing job and bonded immediately with my guys especially Teddy who kept wanting to kiss her! I often see nice parrot photography but why would I want someone else's parrot on my wall? Especially when I have my own really beautiful guys. Angela does an amazing job rescuing and rehabilitating so many parrots, which is very expensive with vet bills and medicine. Angela is a special person and her photography is stunning.

Louise Lyel


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