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Chloe the Cockatiel

What best way to describe Chloe than by the 'owner' herself, Suzy:

"We adore Chloe, the moment she became a part of our family she added that extra something. Chloe is a hand raised Cockatiel and we got her when she was 8 weeks old as a pet for my daughter.

Chloe is a cheeky bird, full of personality and has caused some worry. She flew into some boiling cooking oil as she loves to help in the kitchen and she went to 'visit' the neighbours and we thought we'd lost her. She is a delight and we've now discovered she loves to have her photo taken as well!


We've now discovered she loves to have her photo taken as well after a very relaxed photo shoot with Angela.

As Angela is so experienced with handing birds Chloe was immediately comfortable posing for her photos and quite playful during the shoot which made the photos depict exactly what she's like. The whole process was completed with the minimum of stress on Chloe and she loved the attention.

I highly recommend Angela, her skills and manner are wonderful.

Suzy Yates - Radio Broadcaster, Sydney

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